Outreach Opportunities

Local Outreach Opportunities

Bike For Change Be Transformed

We want to use biking as a way to build new friendships within our church and community, promote mental and physical health and share about the true change that comes through Christ. Sign up here. For questions, please email to Bike4Change@cefcla.org,

USC campus ministry

Connect with USC international Chinese students through LAX pick up, facilitating Conversational English Class, AGF meeting, monthly outing & providing opportunities for students to understand Christianity and grow in their faith.

Tuesday Fun Nite

Join our core team to serve one another through recreational fun. You can help care for newcomers, share testimony, tutoring, and more.

Knit of Love

Sign up to receive news of our upcoming workshop. We do arts and crafts (knitting, crochet, and more) to care for others.

Bi-Monthly Interest Class

We offer special-interest classes every other month to our friends and community. Join to help planning/care for newcomers. More detail to come.

Explore Christianity Class

Sign up to receive news and updates of the upcoming class. Invite your friends to join who have yet to know Jesus. Join as discussion facilitator for this 6-week class and help others know more about Christianity.

Global Outreach Opportunities

Kyrgyzstan (GLEC)

Day: 6/8 - 6/24
Team size: 4
Cost: $1,900
Language: English
Eligibility: Pre-field training required Service:
1. International University of Central Asia
2. Ivanoka Dungan School VBS
Team Leader: Jeremy Tse
Contact: Josephine Tse (mission@cefcla.org)
Application: closed
Sending prayer: 5/28

El Cajon, East of San Diego (LSI)

Day: 7/21 - 7/23 (weekend)
Youth tent camping
Number of people: Flexible
Cost: lodging
Service: Syrian refugees.Visitation, children and youth ministry, sports ministry.
Language: English
Gender: Male
Requires: Camping, sleeping in a tent
Team Leader/Contact: Danny Cheng (mission@cefcla.org)
Appl deadline: 5/15/23

Dream Center LA

Team size: Flexible
Cost: $375
Language: No requirement
Ages: Adults. teenagers at least 15 years old (with a parent or guardian), healthy and physically fit.
Eligibility: Pre-field training required.
Service: Outreach and community service to low-income families, children, homeless.
Contact: Pastor Anne (AnneHui@cefcla.org)
Appl deadline: 8 weeks before trip

Japan (Peter Oh)

Day: 7/31 - 8/10
Team size: 6 - 7
Cost: lodging + airfare
Language: English, Japanese is helpful, Eureka and Alpha core members
Eligibility: Pre-field training required
Service: Children ministry
Team Leaders: Pr Daniel, Joyce Hii
Contact: Pastor Daniel (DanielLee@cefcla.org)
Appl deadline: 8 weeks before trip

India (Good Shepherd)

Day: 10/5 - 10/14
Team size: 4 - 6
Cost: lodging + airfare
Language: English
Gender: Female
Service: Trauma counselling, music camp; computer training, vocational training.
Team Leader/Contact: Pastor Lily (LilyChan@cefcla.org)
Appl deadline: 8 weeks before trip

Prayer Meeting

Prayer is the heartbeat of every outreach service. Join us in this life-changing journey through praying together.

Mid Term/Long Term Mission

No matter you are interested in a mid term (3 months to 2 years) or full time commitment to serve at a mission field, our Mission Committee will help you explore different opportunities as well as guide you through the whole process. Please email us at mission@cefcla.org for further information.
A life-changing course crucial for every Christian. A fifteen-week course designed around four vantage points or "perspectives" — Biblical, Historical, Cultural and Strategic. Each one highlights different aspects of God's global purpose. An amazing journey to discover God’s heart for all people, and vision to live a life of purpose.