Day 7

Pray for the process to develop a safe and effective vaccine for COVID-19. Based on WHO report, over 120 vaccines have been proposed across the world, currently six vaccines are in clinical evaluation. God of wisdom, bless medical scientists and researchers around the world. Give them insight and skill, dedication and fortitude. Their work will […]

Day 6

We lift up mental health workers who are responding to a substantial uptick in calls since the outbreak began. In Your grace, encourage the mental health workers with Your compassion and unfailing love. Equip them to provide helpful counsel and hope-building relationships. May You comfort the downcast and heal their diseases. (Psalm 103:2-3)

Day 5

Father of all comfort, on this sabbath day we remember missionaries in restricted areas. Give them rest, make them lie down in Your green pastures. Comfort them when they are heavy laden by exhaustion and disappointment. During this pandemic, keep them safe in Your watchful care. Pray that they will be strong in the Lord, […]

Day 4

Father God, we cry out to You for orphans. According to Holt International, around the world, more than 140 million kids have lost one or both parents. Many kids have survived incredible poverty, hardship, loss, exploitation and neglect. They live in the world’s toughest places. O Lord, You are the helper of the fatherless and […]

Day 3

Gracious Father, we praise You, the Giver of all gifts, we want to lift up all the artists in our nation. With theaters closed and performances cancelled, deliver artists who are in financial and/or emotional hardship. For Jesus-followers in the art industry, give them creativity to image You in their work; enable them to integrate […]

Day 2

Heavenly Father, we ask that You bless our public transportation workers — the drivers of trucks and buses, pilots of planes and ships, and railroad engineers. We pray for these men and women, whom we often take for granted, who are the invisible but essential link for our community. We thank you for their service […]

Day 1

PRAY FOR FAMILIES Family holds a special place in God’s heart. It’s the vital and foundational unity of society. God’s Word makes it clear that families play a central role in disseminating the tenets of our faith to the next generation. Loving homes model virtues such as sacrifice, patience and unconditional love to a watching […]